ergon athlete announcement

can be seen HERE

watch out as i'll be running both the GP1's and GR2's, depending on the course.

the grips will match up with:

my green pactimo clothing kit


my candy apple green frame color with gold sparkle clear coat

sologoat out


What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

I'm on there, Team Expo, Represent

TSWimba said...

Candy apple green frame w/gold sparkle? For Real? Let's see some pics that sounds sweet. Is that a 1 off or a new color for Asylum?

Solo Goat said...


candy apple green is a one off - we have a local painter who typically paints motorcycles and (believe it or not) frames of remote control racing cars.

we've hooked up with him to paint some of the speedgoat employee bikes (think they've painted at 10 frames so far at least ).

the last blue ones i had were actually painted by him - they held up really well.