let the bidding begin

got some things listed on EBAY.

17.5 moots ybb, 2003'ish SID and some old skool avid v's. check 'em out.

not much going on these days, laying low right now, trying to recover from the season and getting caught up on house chores and life.

as i sold off my old winter bike, time to get a new one - so i made the easy choice of going with another salsa el mariachi complete as the price is right. this time, i'll go geared. strip some new stuff and ride the old stuff until it's 100 miles past the lifespan of the product.

debating on technology, but the only thing that seems like half a likelyhood in my world is possibly the cycleops disc power meter that is in prototype as i could potentially take the rotor off and put it on my moots cross bike that runs the 135 spacing. other options are just too costly.

anyhoo, gotta run. need to get back to playstation.

sologoat out

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