last post until after bikemas

a couple of holiday gifts in ernesto news today.

hammer nutrition has continued sponsorship for me into 2008. things will be finalized over the weekend and...

DeFeet will sponsor me as well. i've been running their socks for years. their wool socks can't be beat during the winter months.

gotta run - lots of family stuff going on the next few days, trying to get in some early season 2008 miles and thinking about a venture to texas early next year.

so, until mid-next week, have yourself a good bikemas and don't crash your brains out on the ice like i did last night if you sneak a ride in during the holidays.

sologoat out


Lucas said...

Merry Christmas and many happy training miles! Enjoy your family and eat well!

Anonymous said...

Solo...Do you still have that Soma Juice frame?

Solo Goat said...

sorry - sold that about a month ago.