tifosi optics webpage

tifosi optics webpage
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now has an "ernesto marenchin" page up, so you need to check it out.

Tifosi will continue to sponsor me into the 2008 season which is coming up soon as i look ahead at the race schedule for next year.

clothing is soon to be ordered, frames off to the painter. will be running the same basic bike setup for next year, hopefully with a change to the FOX 29er fork.

that's it for now - going to enjoy my afternoon off.

sologoat out


Tifosi Girl said...

You beat me to the punch! I was going to send you something out about the very new athletes section tomorrow. Let me know what you think!


Solo Goat said...

looks awesome - the overall layout of the athlete section looks really good. thanks for getting me on the site!

SquidBuzz said...

The only thing is that they link to your other website and that one appears to not being loved to much by you lately. =)

Jeff Kerkove said...

Good on Tifosi for pimp'n it's athletes.