end of cross season

right around the corner.

yesterday's jaunt in the snowy muddy fields of the last race in the cleveland cross series was a classic to say the least. ice, mud, rain and snow, oh my.

i went with my old IF single speed, switched out from 32x16 gearing to a 36x16 gearing the night before. hmmm. not a good choice, should of left it be as the backside mud was a little too much for the gearing.

was not overly concerned with the result of the race, just wanted to decide for once if i was going to keep the IF -- and also didn't want to trash the moots a week before nationals.

results - the IF is staying in the family.

congrats out to gerry p for winning the PA state championship this past weekend, it's a great start to gerry coming on with speedgoat.

and - congrats out to shawn adams too as his second place on sunday sealed the deal on the cleveland cross series....

6 days and counting until i can take a break.

sologoat out


Rick said...

nice job yesterday.
i have a flickr pro acct now so you can get yours there....i'll put cross nats 06 on there soon...good luck in KC!

Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

Go Ernie Go Ernie

vaughn said...

Sorry for the overenthusiastic screaming. Saw your argyle and decided you needed some screaming at.

Nice race...best of luck at Natz!

-Vaughn Wallace

Solo Goat said...

rick - got it. thanks..