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2007_CX - Julie Lewis - 1
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in the early AM - check out the MAC cross series for results and what not.

fields look smallish, but stacked. past travel-mate fetty is showing up to snag up some more UCI points - he's scored some at 2 race so far this year.

for me, looks to be my last UCI events until nationals - think there is some races next week up east, but the travel fundage is getting low.

in car news, got a vibe - and noticed a ding in the door not 12 hours later when i went to work. ouch. dealer going to fix that monday - glad to be done with this whole car nightmare of the last 2 weeks. jeez.

last weeks adventure was a success for the ritchey travel cross bike - airport security checked it going out and coming back, but i got charged the total ammount of $0 for it both ways. NICE. seriously, the best bike investment i have made of late.

that's it - gotta run. early start as i head out with some speedgoat/freddie fu teammates by association (gerry and brian) for a weekend of 1 hour races that will have us coughing out our lungs.

bike is prepped, i'm packed and rested - all i need is some points.

updates monday as i'm traveling light.

sologoat out

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