Hammer Nutrition 24 Adrenaline Worlds write up

2007 World 24 Hours of Adrenaline™ Championships
Steve Born

This year’s mountain bike race took place at Laguna Seca, California over the Sept 1-2 weekend, and Hammer Nutrition clients/athletes made their mark, led by Rebecca Rusch’s championship win in the Female Elite division. Three other Hammer athletes garnered Top Ten finishes in the Female Elite race: Sally Marchand Collins (3rd place), Monilee Atkinson (4th place), and Bernice Pierson (6th place).

Other Hammer-fueled female athletes put in outstanding performances, including age group wins by Timari Pruis, Heather Moothart, Patty Jo Struve, and Wendy Skean.

The Hammer-fueled men didn’t do too shabby either, with three Top Ten finishes in the Male Elite division: Ernesto Marenchin (4th place), Mark Hendershot (5th place), and Steve Schwarz (7th place). Other outstanding performances included William McFadden’s 3rd place in the Male 40-44 division, Chuck Wheeler’s 2nd place and Dennis Smaggus’s 3rd place finishes in the Male 45-49 division, Randy Profeta’s 3rd place finish in the Male 50-54 division, and Bob Waggoner’s 4th place finish in the 55+ division.

The course was obviously quite difficult as, according to Rusch (via her website), the race “boasted around 2400 ft of climbing per 14 mile lap. I didn’t really believe that there could be that much uphill crammed into 14 miles, but from the way my legs feel today, I am a believer. The course had a bit of everything including super high-speed downhills, twisty single track, sand pits, stairs, and of course, LOTS of uphills. My bike odometer clocked speeds as fast as 41 mph on a downhill and as slow as 3 mph on some of the uphills. The only bit of flat trail was coming through the transition pits.”

Congratulations to all these great Hammer Nutrition clients/athletes on their outstanding performances!

Female Elite
1st place - Rebecca Rusch
3rd place - Sally Marchand Collins
4th place - Monilee Atkinson
6th place - Bernice Pierson
12th place - Louise Kobin

Female - 30 to 34
1st place - Timari Pruis

Female - 40 to 44
1st place - Heather Moothart

Female - 50 to 54
1st place - Patty Jo Struve

Female - 55+
1st place - Wendy Skean

Male Elite
4th place - Ernesto Marenchin
5th place - Mark Hendershot
7th place - Steve Schwarz
13th place - Greg Martin
16th place - Brian Sevall
17th place - Karl Etzel
21st place - Anthony Ippolito

Male - 35 to 39
8th place - Nick Thelen

Male - 40 to 44
3rd place - William McFadden
6th place - Damon Mann

Male - 45 to 49
2nd place - Chuck Wheeler
3rd place - Dennis Smaggus

Male - 50 to 54
3rd place - Randy Profeta

Male - 55+
4th place - Bob Waggoner
23rd place - David Ambrose
28th place - Jordie McTavish
31st place - Michael Castaldo

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