Northwave and CrankBrothers - on and under by feet in 2008

continuing sponsorship into the 2008 season will be NORTHWAVE once again setting me up in style. i've run northwave shoes for the past 7 years - picking up my first set only weeks before my very first solo race at big bear in west virginia.

new model will arrive at my door before the year end, first race for '08 will be... ah, i'll let you guys start guessing now..

crankbrothers are a new addition for 2008, although i've been running them ever since their first generation pedal came out years ago and was available in only one model.

i've run the chro-mo's, the sl's, the stainless - pretty much every eggbeater type model out there and have even rebuilt about a half dozen sets.

i have also been using their multi-19 tool (lifetime warranty!) and their super small power pump since their first generations as well.

with all this pedal and shoe talk going on, i'll leave you with some great advice from my father - this comment is usually shared at least twice during a 24 event weekend:

"all you got to do is pedal your bike. we have to all the hard stuff..."

sologoat out


Chris said...

It's got to be a good feeling having sponsors already signed on for next year. I can't imagine how I ever used to ride anything other than egg beaters. I've only broken one pedal and it was because the bike came off the roof on the interstate near Ann Arbor. It didn't really break so much as bend ...

After your glowing recommendations of the Switchback lights from Princeton Tec, I bought one of the Switchback 1's. That is one kick-ass light!

Solo Goat said...

ya, it's good to lock things up early.. still waiting to hear back on some new sponsors, and there's a few existing ones i'm waiting to either hear back or we are working out the details.

great thing about the crankbrothers are the warranty - everything i've ever sent back was warranited no questions asked. even the tools - i had a couple of the tools get really rusty as they sat in my saddle bag all year. sent two rusty ones in, got two new ones back.

glad you liked the princeton tec - make sure you run the battery completely down every once in awhile as the life indicator on the battery has a "memory" that gets reset when you run it all the way down. it's on the switchback 2 and 3, think it's on the 1 as well - but i can't remember. ran one awhile ago during sea otter and that seems like forever ago.