ohio state cross race

OH 2007 States - Julie Lewis
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was a slight disaster - 2 pretty heavy falls and 1 one dropped chain.

damn thy dropped chain - 3 races, 3 dropped chains. it's enough to drive me nutty.

call up was non-existant - my first place call up left me in the second row. though, i did have a good start and was 3rd going into the first corner.

first crash came early in the race, near the finish on a short cement section - complete washout on my right side. nice.

next lap, my chain drops in the exact same section.

next lap, as i am now offically in a panic, i stand up a little early coming out of a corner with sandy tires - as soon as they hit the short section of cement right after, i went flying.

levers turned and with me seeing stars, i nearly pulled out right there as the main group was pretty much gone - in it, shawn and paul were flying.

i finish up 12th on the day, a very disappointing finish compared to last year - paul was 4th, shawn in 5th.

next up - possible trip out east to my roots in PA and a few of the MAC cup events.

must get uci points and the days are dwindling down to nationals.

and, i need a new car - mini cooper s or pontiac vibe.... hmm... think i already got the answer in my head, but i don't know how to drive shift... damn!

any takers on a moots ybb 26'er trade up for a mini cooper?

sologoat out


Jeff Kerkove said...

Mazda hatchback. I loved mine....got rid of it due to the Ergon FJ

Anonymous said...

get the Vibe,I've had mine since 04 no problems at all 35 to 40 mpg(honest)plenty of room for bikes wheels. the mini is for chicks unless it's the real thing and not that crap BMW puts out.What about Gamm and Card bunnyhopping up to and riding the railing on the first set of steps??

Solo Goat said...

i'm leaning towards the vibe - pricing is very hard to beat and it comes with a 100k warranty and a 2k rebate.

but - bummer is that even with the upgraded radio, there is no aux input for the ipod.

first set of steps - i was able to ride them too, but i didn't think it was worth it. made it both times i tried it in practice - had to hit it perfect.

card hit his rear wheel really hard on the first lap - don't know how he didn't flat.

Junior Bike Racer said...

Maybe you can get a Mini w/ STI shifters!

Gary said...

Sorry to hear about your luck at states.

I've also been taking a hard look at the Vibe for my next 4 wheeled buy. It's recommended by Consumer Reports and should be very reliable as it is pretty much the same as the Toyota Matrix. My main reason for leaning toward it over the Mazda is the MPG (although power is sacrificed).