a pit crew reunion

was held this friday at the shop, not by choice, but by the decision of my thermostat in my outback to go out on a late thursday evening.

long story short - $100 dollars later, things could of been worse. i'm home a day late, but in classic fashion, after some "slight" modifications to my new thermostat that replaced the bad thermostat --- i'm home.

all i can say, is that i'm very lucky to have a pit crew (dan and dad) that puts up with my sh*t and gets me through the day without bitching.

without saying, i'm very lucky. a big thanks to my pit crew that pulled out a miracle this weekend.

now all i got to do is pedal faster then everybody else.

sologoat out

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WPG said...

I think I saw your picture in this months DirtRag story about crossvegas. Just giving you the heads up in case you missed it.