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to the new sologoat digital cameras first pic...

got the kodak v1233 - 12meg pics and i can use the same chargers, doc station as i did for my other camera.

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sologoat out


Jeff Kerkove said...

looks cold in OH.....and what the hell are you doing on the trainer already? :-)

Paul.e said...

You guys should try living in the UK... my trainer is out nearly year round:)



Solo Goat said...

rode in the AM - around 35 degrees. first little flakes of snow in the air.

5:15pm - temps warm slightly, little flakes of snow now turn into a steady light rain.

topped with 30-50mph wind gusts, i thought it best to stay in rather then catch a cold and ride the tail wind to philly for the princeton tec thursday ride.

Chris said...

How did you get a hold of that camera so soon? It's not available until December 15th according to Amazon.com.


Solo Goat said...

it's the power of newegg.com...

they had them for a week or so, at least. they had a deal for $220 with a free 1 gig card and carrying case.

very similar to the 530 model i had before (will fit in the same cradel i had for the 530). overall, body of the camera looks a lot better. it's a tad bigger then the 530, but the resolution is waaaay higher.