4 sale update - bike specs/info

first up is the medium vicious custom painted with speedgoat heads. this bike was a personal ride of speedgoat shop owner chris, then was handed down to me as it was a little small for him.

this is technically a 29er frame, but handles more like a cross bike and was built up as such - this bike was actually ridden at trans iowa 1.

has it's fair share of cable rub, nicks, etc - but the overall paint job is very impressive.

built up with campy c-record 9 speed carbon levers, king headset and king 36 spoked hubs with traditional 135 rear spacing.


next up is a soma in a medium - it came from the original first run of the soma juice and as such, does not have any type of canti/v-brake mounts. disc only on this sweety.

i have had the frame little less then one year and it's in great condition. no dings, scratches or cable rub as i have protective tape all over it.

king headset, sram 9 speed twisty's, ird rigid fork.

indy fab standard 54cm cross frame with no water bottle mounts and 135 rear spacing and track dropouts in the rear. used to race this bike, but not any more.

spookys' are new, wheels were just rebuilt by george at speedgoat up to some old skool blue open pro's to a set of sweet pauls hubs. crank is old skool kooka with a race face bb and kooka ring. i have the other original rings, never used.

king headset and IF fork - 1 inch.

and, the bars - these babbies are the ORIGINAL WTB drop bars, not the new ones. these bad boys could of fetched well over $100 a little over a year ago on ebay.


this is a medium 26 inch moots ybb 2001 10th aniversery model running v-brakes with NO DISC TABS.

brakes are avid magneseums, sram 9 speed drive train.

wheels are hella sweet/light genuine george running kings laced to dt double butted spokes, alloy nips and bontrager ceramic asymetrical rims. these were as light as you could get at the time and have less then 1 year use.

king heaset, irc tires, thompson post/stem, sid with lockout and nokon cables.

that's it.. post a reply if you want more info.

sologoat out.


Anonymous said...

How much for the IF?

Charlie said...

How about the Moots ($)? Thanks...

Solo Goat said...

charlie - was thinking in the ballpark of around $2k for the complete.

wheelset saw less then a year of use and the avid magnesiums are light and pretty hard to come by.

would be willing to part out as a frame/fork/headset type of como as well.

Charlie said...

I'm glad you mentioned the possibility of parting out the frame & fork; ultimately I'm trying to replace a now defunct Sunn Exact frame and obsolete fork. I think the Moots would more than fit the bill. Would you mind e-mailing me with the specifics? Thanks.


Type1Rider said...

EM, what are you asking for the IF? Thanks. EMail if you prefer.

Anonymous said...

Greetings....still have the Moots available. I am looking for my first ti bike to start a love affair with.

Solo Goat said...

yep - still got it:


parted it out recently - got the frame on ebay, but i would consider a non-ebay sale.

Anonymous said...

the link didn't work....I am looking for a ti frame for $1000 (I am a single dad/ grad student) . I don't want to settle for a bike of less quality as it may be with me for my entire life. What do you think of DEAN vs. Moots? Thanks for your input

Anonymous said...

Still have the soma? If so, confirm the size is a 16"(M)...
How much for the complete? Any chance in parting it out?