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check out my flickr account dawgs and click on the "sets" - got a "4 sale" set of a bunch o' stuff i am clearing out. i don't have prices or fine details up yet, but the pics are up.

taking no trades on anything unless you have a moots (29er or cross) or some high end road wheels that i can use for cross season. trades only for local yocals.

got two old lighting systems with 2 spare batteries and one backup bar light - will make a package deal if interested. if you are a fellow enduro freak, i'll make you a deal.

check it out!

sologoat out


TSWimba said...

I was going to ask you about the lights @ Moab. I'd like to find out some more on the the ARCs and the spare batteries. Mainly age and price. Shoot me an email if you will to tswillia at Earthlink dot net.

Cellarrat said...

How tall are yah?

That indy fab single cross is lovely!

Solo Goat said...

the arcs - the one i bought at the end of 2004, the other in 2005.

i only really used the 2004 headlamp, the 2005 headlamp was never used.

all batteries were used - i carried two with me on training rides, so when one went down, i switched to the other.

one of the chargers went bad, so i got a new one on warranty in 2006.

they were never used in 2007 - switched to princeton tec. i'll send an email with more info tonight.

indy fab - i'm 5'10 and the frame is a somewhat custom 54cm running 135 rear spacing with track drops and no water bottle mounts. beautiful bike, really cool parts, but i never ride it.

Cellarrat said...

aahhhh darn a bit small lovely bike though!

alexdolpp said...

Isn't that the bike you rode at Trans Iowa V1?

TSWimba said...

sounds good send me an email with the prices and include the vega's price if you don't mind.

Solo Goat said...

yep, the vicious saw action at trans iowa one.

not seeing much action and i'm trying to clean up the basement a little to make new room for the 2008 bikes...

Dan Frayer said...

how much for the light set up?

love dan

Mike Livingston said...

hey... have you sold the HID's yet?

email: mikelivingston.mail@gmail.com


Solo Goat said...

dan/mike - think i got the lights sold. if it falls through, they will be back up for sale in the order you guys posted comments.

i'll give you guys the same deal - all the lights for 565 shipped.

that's two l&m lights, 4 total batteries, and the VEGA thrown in for free.