cough cough

rick adams - cross vegas 02
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is the sound i've been making for over a week now. sore throat, coughing and runny nose - not fun.

resumes are still being sent out, a few more to go. news on that later on, maybe saturday night as i'll be heading out to...

kentucky for the double UCI weekend. i'll be heading out solo. pretty pumped up that i just got in my last little shipment from maxxis in the form of cross tires and some tubes. i ran maxxis at vegas and found that they gripped really well on the off chamber stuff which i tend to have issues on as i like to go into corners a little hot on the speed.

and, i'm thinking that i can get away with running clinchers - tubulars are sweet, but they are making me paranoid as it seems like everybody is rolling them. so, i'm thinking maybe a pair of reynolds carbon clinchers are in my future...

with that, gotta roll. some work to do, emails to send. and i need to find a new digitial camera as moab killed my camera.

sologoat out


Todd Gillenwater said...

Good to hear you will be coming to our fair city this weekend for the gran prix,should be a great time!I am racing the mens cat 4 on saturday morning only my second cx race,mucho fun!The cycling community here in Louisville is really pumped about this coming to town.I enjoy reading your blog,so it would be great to meet you in pperson at the races this weekend.My name is Todd and if you need any info from a local I am happy to hook you up my email is adventuroussoul@insightbb.com. Good Luck and see you at the races!

Rick said...

hey ernie,
I'm leaving today for KY (business) and staying overnight in Louisville Friday. I'll be there just Saturday....racin CAT4 at OMG 8:30am. I'll be around with (cow)bells and shoot'n photos.
Good Luck!

John said...

Rock it this weekend....

I finally posted the photos from MI... way too many, and I won't ever say anything about the quality of someone elses shots.

I'll give you first look.... since there are some halfway decent shots of the Goat.