consolation prize

from grannygear just came in the mail in the form of a fourth place overall check in the 24 hour series. nice to get a little extra cashola for the cross season.

this week has been one of me being sick since monday, updating and sending out sponsorship resumes and proposals, and somehow figuring out how to clone my pc hard drive as my old drive is starting to die....

i think i need a vacation from my vacation.

gotta run, proposals to get out - if anybody has any ideas/suggestions on sponsors for the year, send 'em along. interested sponsors, send me an email.

with that, going out for my third 29er single speed ride this week in a short bit. with all of the hours and rides in this year, it's nice to get back to the basics.


sologoat out

(photo courtesy of Adam Lisonbee epicriding.blogspot.com )

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gerard said...

To give credit where credit is due - the picture pulled from livingonthedash.com (Justin/Gerard-PT) was pulled from and shot by Adam Lisonbee epicriding.blogspot.com - great shot.

Keep up the good stuff everybody