Princeton Tec Fuel Headlamp

Princeton Tec Fuel Headlamp
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New to the Princeton Tec headlamp series is the Fuel.

Running on 3 AAA's, this sweet little light can burn forever and has a light that you can adjust veritcally.

Why review a headlamp - a few reasons. As an enduro 24 hour freak, i need to eventually ride during night hours. (duh!) so that means my pit crew needs lighting too as they are working on bikes, prepping my food. they need light in tight places and need to be able to hand me a water bottle in one hand and food with the other.

hence - headlamps to the rescue....

and, i also run an "ernesto custom" version of their apex headlamp on my bars for my main backup. i've found the strengths of headlamps (very wide side to side beam) seem to complement the strengths of the bike specific lights like the swithback 2 which strength is the very bright beam that goes a far distance.

additionally - the burn times are just unreal with headlamps, you can get batteries anwhere, and it's a lighting option that won't set you back over 200-300 bucks.

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Cellarrat said...

I have an apex zip tied to my helmet and love it. I usealy only use the 4 leds on the sides and it seems to last a few months worth of commutes...

Dan said...

I just purchased one because I knew someone who recommended it to me. This light is AWESOME! Small light that packs a bright punch. 25 beans is nothing for something that shines about 40 feet. Great camping/pit light for sure.

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