moab - thursday update

moab - 1rst climb
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all my pics are now uploaded on flickr - check them out as i dropped my camera yesterday and probably can't take any more.

conditions are super dry, super sandy. early AM ride was good and the trail crew was out - brushing away the sand. it can be around 3-4 inches in some spots, so go full speed and sit back for the ride.

trek and fisher boys are in town, and i have a sneaky idea that tinker is going to show as there is the huge cannondale truck here. so, watch for tinker, nat and josh tostado to join the race in moab by saturday AM.

course is classic dessert, go along minding your own business, then all of a sudden, either 3 inches or sand or a rock field that better have you picking the right line or you'll going down.

that's it for tonight - one more pre-ride tomorrow, race pick up and a little trip out to arches national park.

that's it -
sologoat out

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EXPO Racing said...

Olympus Stylus 770 SW. Shock proof from 5ft. Water proof to 33ft. Internal lens. No plastic bag needed for the wet stuff, and you might still be shoot'n today.

Rock it hard. Good luck.