kentucky uci quick update

saturday - start on the next to last row, at least 10 rows back.

sunday - ditto.

saturday, legs felt hellishly slow. got pulled with 3 laps to go, 70th place. ouch.

sunday, legs felt better. on the first corner, some dork crashes himself. i lock the brakes up and come to a complete stop and immediately shoot to the last 5 or six guys in the field of 90.

i make up some ground, finish around 60th and got pulled with one lap to go. i felt better, legs felt faster and i was (from what i could tell) the lead ohio rider from the pack i was in (nate, brent, etc).

additional kick in the teeth - they didn't even put me on the finishing list. nice job officals.

gotta run - next up, local cross races this coming weekend. pardon me if i pick up some bad habits and cut you off in the corner while throwing you an elbow and kicking you over at the same time so i can get a better line.

sologoat out


Junior Bike Racer said...

Ernie, nice job on Sunday. You and Brent and Nate rocked!

Chris said...

Didn't get a chance to say hi -- you and I were together on Saturday, but on Sunday you just pulled the group apart -- the guys you were with self-destructed right in front of me from your pace as the race went on -- bummer that they didn't class you, you weren't the only one.

Why can't 'cross have lemans starts? It would make that first corner so much better!

Chris&Lorena said...

I hate it when race officials can't get their act together and figure out a placing for every rider. It doesn't matter if you come in next to last, you still like to know how you did compared to your competition. Most of them have video cameras at the finish that make it really easy to spot numbers. Hell, the last cross race I was at had at least three people spotting at the finish line.


Solo Goat said...

the stupid thing with the finish is that there is no way in hell that they could of missed my number. i literally came to a complete stop and waited for nate and brent to finish. pretty lame.

otherwise, the course was great and the layout was tough - wish i would have had a little better starting position.