I9 road wheelsets

I9 road wheelsets
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industry 9 will be offering up 3 road wheelsets next year.

they will use less pawls and will engage around 13-15 degrees or so. why? roadies don't want to be slowed down by those extra pawls and want to carry more speed.

one will run a standard aluminum rim coming in at around $1000 bucks.

one will weigh in at a little under 1100 grams running a carbon rim, the other higher end will run a LEW rim with ceramic bearings.

if you want the LEW, be prepared to have a hella sweet light wheelset and to have you set back well over three grand for these "pimp my ride" wheels.

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Michael Kraus said...

I have heard nothing but good thing about these wheeles. Gotta save up to get a set.

Solo Goat said...

no doubt, one of the nicer wheelsets i saw at the show (other then the new reynolds line up).

the hubs are just incredible - the engagement is more like a dura ace hub.