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not to be confused with the iPod, the iRaq or the iRan.

this computer uses sensors located at the front of the unit to measure wind speed and ties in with elevation and grade to calculate wattage.

this product is now in it's second generation and is available now in a wireless setup.

price tag was hefty - over 600 retail, but is an option for the mountain bikers out there.

still very un-impressed overall at the lack of consideration of the "wattage market" to the entire mountain bike market. wattage info comes with a price (as you have to buy a TON of stuff to get anything to work worth a damn) and the power tap unit actually seems like it would be the solution - they just need to build it in a disc hub.

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Bart G said...

Solo- Hi, I have tried the ibike on an MTB and it does not work. It can not take into account changing rolling resistance- rocks, sand, mud, etc and all the bumps mess with the accelerometer. I guess it will work on an MTB on the pavement with the shocks locked out. It works great on a road bike.
good luck

Anonymous said...

This year i just broke down and got a power tap for my road bike and Hunter Allens Training with Power book.This complete change what and how i trained.With watts and WKO software you can completely understand what is going on with your fitness and training.You should look into this,
or at least read hunters book

oh yeah nice blog

Solo Goat said...

ya, i think i am going to have to break down and get the powertap. too valuable of a tool not to be using.

regarding the i-bike, while at the booth, they did mention something to the effect of trying to make improvements for use on the moutain bike, but they did not mention the specifics other then that the fork movement also screws up thins a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that Cycelops was secretly showing a disc-compatible Powertap at Interbike. It was stashed in a backpack and only revealed to insiders. It remains to be seen how long until it rolls out to the masses.