head west young man

in roughly 12 hours, i start my journey west to moab. should be an epic just getting there as i will be driving out with my dad, getting to moab on tuesday and then meeting up with dan the man on thursday.

will full gear in tow, i'll be a little less freaked out about not having something when i get to there - except now the freak out is happening a full week before the race.

jeff from ergon will be at the big dance in utah along with justin from princeton tec.

solo men's field is looking pretty stacked, over 30 riders or so when i last looked at it.

weather is calling for temps in the low 80's for the high and the mid 40's for the night. hmmm... just like conyers!

pretty much sticking to the same game plan i ran at out in california - with the longer laps of moab, water and food need to be planned out to a "t". hammer gel and caps, heed and perpetuem for fuel.

i pretty much stick to their recomended doses, but i tend to run the mixes a little lighter. i usually weigh in around 135-140 at race day, so i usually run the hammer mixes at around the mix strength of 120 pound rider.

gotta run - still got some more packing to do.

watch for some good blogging this week - should be an epic journey to a race i've been dreaming about for years and an awesome way to wrap up the enduro season.

sologoat ot


Cellarrat said...

Have a wicked good time! If you need a place to crash in denver on the way there or back let me know....

Good luck and have fun!

Jeff Kerkove said...

Don't listen to "Cellarrat." He'll make you sleep under the bleachers at Coors Field.


Mike Howard said...

good luck Ernesto ! look forward to your race recap !