2008 Mamasita

2008 Mamasita
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ah, we all love our mamasita's.

for 2008, salsa has spiced things up a little bit was a cool new new metal flake red.

some changes for the 2008 complete model is a different crank and a wtb saddle embrodered with the salsa logo on it - and some newly designed stickers.

all steel salsa frames will be available as completes and the casarole comes in either a geared version or single speed version running a flip flop surly rear wheel.

i have loved their designs and frame options - salsa always seems to have nice options out there without breaking the bank.

some softgoods are going away, and the price of wool is crazy freaking high, so wool salsa sweaters are a thing of the past for now.

and, i know a salsa secret - but you're going to have to wait until frostbike.. ah, ha, ha.. (that was an evil laugh)

sologoat out


Jason said...

Did you mean El Mariachi?

Solo Goat said...

duh... man, i have been working too many hours this week....

yep, it's the el mariachi...

Jason said...

either way 'tis sweet. good luck in moab.