Pashley 3 speed

Pashley 3 speed
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they say all things happen in 3's.

years ago, when i busted up my shoulder, i was forced to go on marathon hikes to keep up my fitness. on one of these hikes in the columbus ohio area, i came across an old huffy 3 speed.

that same basic type of hub on my basically new old school huffy 3 speed is the same type of hub you will see on the pashley coming out of good ol' england.

check out the flickr picks - they make some very kewl looking bikes. this one in particular caught my eye - 3 speed with a HUGE front headlight and fenders - all in glorious chrome plating.

for about 2 grand, you can ride in style and gain cool points at the same time.

sologoat out

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