last sunday cross

2007_CX - Julie Lewis - 3
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was a muddy event held by lake effect cycling, which might be my only venture in cleveland cross this year as my search for UCI points continues.

gun went off, i got a good start and was in good position with paul and shawn right on me. Soon, shawn would break away from us and eventually take the win.

i was in a 3 man group chasing shawn - i took an inside line on the top section of the course and nearly crashed, but my tire would eventually flat a few laps later. a few laps later, my attacks shed my chasing group mates, but paul clawed his way back to my wheel.

he pulled away, and i chased and chased.

with one to go, i put down all i had and got to within the same distance of his back wheel as you seen in the photo above - and my chain dropped. with about a quarter mile to go, there was no chance for a sprint or a last second attack. 3rd place it was.

so, off to visit family for a few warm texas days and then back into town on saturday for the sunday ohio state cross championships where i will be defending my 2007 title against the likes of shawn and jonathan card.

sologoat out


drumbum said...

Nice race!

Lots of pix here:

Anonymous said...

Happy Turkey Day to the family in TX!

And....don't forget that 2 of the pit crew members will be celebrating their birthdays!