05.02.06 - ernesto cycling news interview up

thanks to stever over at cycling news - interview is up.

check it out here: ernesto marenchin cycling news interviw

check it out - steve did a really good interview. we talked a lot about the upcoming ultra mtb series, endurance cycling, training and racing as a pro.

i think he has done a few interviews in his day.

he also did some good write ups on sea otter. if you haven't seen the page, it really does a nice job of coverage for cycling of all types - road, track, mtb, cross. and nice tech areas too - stuff that even the guys over at speedgoat hasn't seen.


gotta run - my "go live" client is gonna' kill me if i don't get this stuff done!

sologoat out


Anonymous said...

Great article Ernesto! Hope work is treating you well and that going Live is.....going well!


Jeff Kerkove said...

Good stuff!!