05.17.06 - i got wobblenaughted

yesterday, i got my last adjustments to my race bikes for my next race which is...

the granny gear 24 hours of conyers

field is looking to be super small - under 20 teams (including solo's!) - should provide to be a pretty low key event as number of total participants go.

will have 3 members in my conyers posse for this race - my father helping out with the food/clothing, dan the man wrenching and my brother in law helping to fill in the gaps. should be good times.

weather - looking to be OK for saturday, maybe some early evening rain on sunday, but it keeps switching back and forth. not holding my breathe on anything, but it looks at least the temperture will be fine - somewhere between 82 and 58. not bad.


2006 new asylum clothing is in and from what i hear, looks really good. i will be wearing my new stuff this weekend. would show you pics, but i haven't seen the clothing myself (other than a pdf which i cannot find).

for this weekend, granny gear should have good postings up during the race. please check out the results section as they should have hourly updates.

and - starting tomorrow, i should have some pics/updates posted of the course, venue, airport, etc. i should be landing sometime around 11'ish at atlanta tomorrow.

for the fans that will be waiting for me there - please have a latte waiting for me.

just joking.

that's it - gotta sneak in a ride.

sologoat out

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