05.24.06 - more race pics from conyers

the sologoat pit tent. stacked with extra clothing, food, ice, lights, etc.

start of the race. jumped on the bike cyclocross style for maximum speed and kewlness points.

end of the race. riding in with eddie o.

thumbs up to my pit crew of dan the man (wrenching), dad (food and general trouble maker) and drew (techno wizzard/weather man/everything else). job well done - couldn't of done it without them.

the iron crank award was given to the first ever solo man john stampsted. he pretty much invented the event. this is a replica of the original which lists every single granny gear 24 hour solo men winner.

this shows one side of the trophy - for event winners in 2004. tinker, ernesto and nat. pretty awesome company to have, indeed.

the podium at the 24 hours of conyers.

ernesto and the iron crank.

photo credit goes out to dad.

gotta run - race update later tonight....

sologoat out.

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Great pictures! Amp