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long week coming to an end...

and i am still trying to figure out some type of racing schedule - seems that this year there is so many races to do and they all fall on the same dates. very frustrating - i swear i need a team manager. or call that, ernesto manager.

the ultramtb series, the NORBA series, the east coast UCI race in Sainte Anne, Granny Gear, Adrenaline - seems like you can't pick a race without missing the other.

And then, late changes to race dates - NORBA just switched the NORBA nationals to the Sonoma location in July. Makes the race more "do-able" for those wanting to hit up both the Marathon and 24 Hour National, but you'll have to miss out on one of the ultra MTB series race.

very, very frustrating.

new dirt rag came out the other day - got the new "ernesto" asylum ad, an ad for the salsa 29er hardtail and an article on enduro racer rob l. you may remember rob from my conyers write up last year - i rode the last two laps with him. rob did the event solo (no support), came in second, is vegan/straight edge and all around good guy. pick up the issue - it's sure to be a good read.

gots to - good luck to all those racing this weekend. see jeff k is hitting up his first major enduro of the year - check out his blog for updates.

as for me - one more crit this weekend if it doesn't rain (dang roadies fall too much in that stuff) and then weekend after next...

my first 24 hour of the year.

stay tuned.

sologoat out.

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