05.15.06 - starting to pack

for my first 24 hour of the year.

i'll have one more hand of support for this event - i'll have my father, dan the man, and my brother in law. should make things a little easier.

this weekend, skipped the last of the local yocal criteriums. every race has had a crash when the course was dry, so when i woke up and it had been raining all night and there was a light spray of rain in the air, i opted to skip the race. not what i really wanted to do, but i just didn't want to take a chance.

updates to the sponsors just went out - need to keep everybody in loop as far as my schedule goes and how products/bikes have been working out so far.

as far as schedule goes, man... NORBA changed the marathon race around for nationals, and the website has conflicting dates on it. the web site list of events has the marathon on thursday, the web site for the registration has it for sunday. hmmmmmm.

that would make booking a flight at this exact moment pretty impossible. hoping they have this resolved by the end of the day.

that's it - just a quickie update today as i needs to get things organized.

sologoat out

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Anonymous said...

Good luck this weekend!

We will keep tabs on your progress on the computer!

Go get' em!!!