05.28.06 - weekend update

hey gang - just getting caught up with house and life stuff this past week.

stopped out at the shop on saturday - bikes are getting some TLC from dan the man this week before my next race adventure. hmmm... which race will it be?

hmmm.... i'll keep it exciting and NOT tell you... (insert evil laugh here...)

at the shop, they got some new stuff in..

they are now a ARGON18 dealer, so if you like carbon, this stuff looks pretty sweet. mostly road/tri/time trail bikes, they also have a pretty nice looking cross bike.

and, they also got a full range of the BMC frames - mountain, road, you name it. did get a chance to hold up their high end full carbon frame/fork and it got my "silly light" seal of approval, odd top tube shape and all (looks like a tube in the shape of the letter "T"..)

and... there is also some stuff going on with asylum, though things are still in the very rough stages at this point. details won't be out until later this year.

and in ernesto bike news, i just picked up a SOMA 29er to replace my surly as my winter/bad weather bike. the surly is OK, but i find that the bottom bracket is too flexy. when in a big gear, i can get it to jump off the big ring under a lot of force. not a big deal when seated (other then being really annoying), but when standing - i swear, i have nearly died about a dozen times on that bike. i think the frame would be fine as a single speed, but as a geared bike... i would watch it.

so, i have a surly fixed rear wheel built up. i may keep the surly and set it up as a fixed 29er.. or i may sell it...

oh - and the cool thing about the SOMA - i got one of their first runs on the 29er frame. comes in black with no canti/v-brake mounts - which the new ones have them installed. very clean looking.

and in sponsorship news...

yes, believe it or not, i in the works for sponsors for next year, and possibly.... the rest of this year. talked to the rep just saturday, stayed tuned for updates. not saying a word on the sponsor names as i am a firm believer in jinkxing.

that's it - gotta roll.

gonna' love tomorrow - no work! hells ya!

sologoat out.


Alyson Wilson said...

Great blog... fun to read about your races and training, see your snaps and hear about your take on new gear. Thanks!
-Alyson, thisnext.com/blog

Cellarrat said...

Can't wait to see your new soma!

jaxson said...

Ditto ... can't wait to see the Soma built up! I've been thinking of purchasing a Juice as well. Lots of gravel roads where I live and more and more I'm doing those types of rides and staying off the asphalt and road bike. It's pretty, too!