05.10.06 - late weekend update

suuuuuuuuuuuuper busy with domestic stuff lately, sorry for the lack of updates.

with rising fuel costs and a certain sense of taking some responsibility for the environment, i "stuck it to the man" and bought a electric lawn mower. kind of a pain with the cord, but i got a small yard. cord shouldn't be an issue as i got sockets all over the house on the outside. big thing is where you start cutting an how you lay out the cord.

anyhoo... back to racing stuff.

last saturday was the 3rd of 4 local yocal crits. as usuall, three quarters of the field are either cat 1 or cat 2's (some of the cat 1's are former national champs and/or pro's) so it was going to be a blistering pace.

with hopes of my off the start line attack sticking a little longer then usuall, i threw down my attack as planned off the gun and went extra hard this time because i was hoping to last 3 laps. (there is lots of cameras around, so i was trying to get some press for asylum.. ha,ha...) with a huge tailwind going up the climb, i gained a good margin on the field very quickly. going up the climb the second time, i looked back and saw the field chasing at a very high rate of speed.

as the story goes (heard this from a buddy who was in the field), the ambercrombie guys were taking pulls at 32mph to chase me back. the field was strung out. then, paul martin (former national champ on the road, former navigator/go-mart pro and current super freakin' fear me strong) attacked off the front. yep, attacked off the front at 32mph.

attacked off the front at 32mph.

blows my mind when i think of that. well, i guess it also blew apart the field as well. from the accounts i heard, we dropped at least 10 guys within 3 laps as a direct result of my initial attack and the paul martin response attack. very impressive to watch him race - even if you are racing against him.

the rest of the race was business as usual - slow down to 25, then up to 35. repeat again and again. loose a few more guys in the process. in the end, i think we lost about 1/2 of the field as when it came down to the sprint, i sat up and turned around and saw only a few riders. if i am nowhere near the top 10, i don't even try to sprint in these races - way too risky for me. and although i can corner with the best of them, i can't sprint all that well - so if i don't have a good gap in the last corner, i usually don't stand a chance.

i see these as mostly training races. my main races - are coming up very, very soon.

with that - gotta run. lots of updates this week and next as i get prepped for my second major enduro of the year.

sologoat out.

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Jeff Kerkove said...

32 mph.
That is why I race my mnt bike for 24 hours instead of racing on the road.