asylums now in my hands

random updates for ya. meet the new team vehicle. this is speedgoat owner chris's own personal ride that is being converted to use vegetable oil for gas. interestingly enough, the EPA says that using this type of fuel may do harm to the environment. hmmm...

akron is the home some tire company that i am not sponsored by that has a blimp. it was out for a joy ride in akron last night....

ah, and the asylum are now back in my hands - minus the ergon grips, new wheels, and seat/post. (better pic's up later!)

and, the el mariachi is finally in and converted to single speed use. was going to try and run it with the 1x9 setup, but going single seemed to be the thing to do. will be mostly using this bike for easy training days and for bonus hour rides on the weekends when i need to get some additional hours in.

and, just got in the super hot pink hammer nutrition arm warmers. they will totally clash against everything, so i am pretty stoked about that.

gotta run - work to do.

sologoat out.

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