from bad to good

saturdays ride was a wet one - 55 degrees and rain for about 80% of my ride. a friend of a friend once said that bad weather riding either makes you or breaks you. i believe it.

ah, but with the bad comes the good. today warmed up to the high 60's with bright sunshine. half way through i hooked up with an old roommate of mine, tris h.

awhile back, we were neighbors with wobblenaught guru jim b. soon after riding and training a ton with jim, tris upgraded to cat 2 on the road. i upgraded to cat 2 on the road as well (cat 1/elite in cross) as two upgrades in mountain biking. first to semi-pro then to pro.

jim tends to bring out the best in us - check out his link/email on the wobblenaught site.

in bike news, my moots sl cross frame is in the works, and my salsa el mariachi is waiting at speedgoat along with my asylums.

ah, gotta love this addiction we call cycling.

sologoat out.

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