recovery day ride

when you do a bunch of tempo work, sometimes two hours of easy riding is a lot harder then 6 hours at a hard pace.

so, one passes the time taking a ton of pictures.

new bikes will be in my hands tomorrow, hopefully fitted up soon.

sea otter is now all offically planned out. got a good deal on a car rental and it's looking to be a good trip. not racing out there as my race is later in the day on sunday and i would have to take another day of vacation for monday. no worries though as the main reason i am out there is for the 24 solo premier and to check out some west coast riding.

sologoat out


Tomi said...

hey man, what ear buds are you rockin? Been thinking about replacements for the stock pod phones....

Solo Goat said...

been running the stock i pod buds, but i kind of find them annoying at most times as they tend to want to come out of my ear when i start sweating.

anybody got some recomendations on good ear buds that don't suck or cost a ton?