pic post

why am i so happy?

100 miles in, 2 hours to go and not a drop of rain the entire day. sweet.

the tifosi optics pave - proving to be a very nice optic choice so far. very wide field of vision (no frame blocking side view) and the lens itself sits off your face so it doesn't fog up or collects sweat dripping off your face. comes with 3 lens options.

and a little better pic of the el mariachi. paint is incredible, and i am digging the matching stem and blue ano salsa seat collar and skewers. a lot of bike for not that much money. only thing i am going to switch out is the saddle as it is a ton wider then the concor's i have been running for the past 3 years.

and - another bonus is the fact that the MAXXIS tires comes stock.

stay tuned for updates on the bike, literally only rode it 5 minutes today as i just couldn't take an uncomfortable saddle - also, i was tempted to stop riding there was a hot pizza sitting in my kitchen and i rode all day.

that's it, gotta roll.

sologoat out

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