mother nature is playing tricks

today hit in the high 70's - tomorrow's high is going to be 44.

i need to move south.

initial rides on the new asylums are complete and once again, dan has worked his magic building up two very solid machines. without the new stupid light wheels, the new build ups are around a 1/2 pound lighter then last years version.

biggest change in overall feel of the bike is going from running a riser to straight bars and running the ergon grips. switched them due to two factors - one being that the bend of risers tend to put my wrists at odd angle and that itself seems to cause more fatigue (at least it does in my head), and the second is because of my new obsession on overall weight. straight bars tend to be lighter then risers - less material, less weight. 'nuff said.

and the ergons seem to be helping out as well with the whole hand fatigue thing as well as i can now rest my hands a little more and have a little bit more to grip onto. i swear every time i ride with them i get this thought in my head, "why didn't these come out years ago?"...

anyhoo, gots to run. early am ride hopefully before the weather goes south.

sologoat out

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Anonymous said...

Yo Ernesto, what version of the Ergons are you running?

Thanks! Greg