post one from sea otter

just a few updates before i head out to the 24 solo premiere.

weather is a non-horrible sunny 60 degree day in monterey. pre-rode the long 19 mile'ish course. very open, with some single track. although it does not have any long sustained climbs, as soon as you go up....

you must come down. pics of the course up in the next few days.

got to walk around the venue today - pretty much an interbike for the consumer. the downhill kids were all out in mass today, which kind of got annoying after you watched the 100th kid ride a wheelie past you through the vendor tents acting as if you had never seen a wheelie before.

ergon, princeton tec, tifosi are out here. justin from princeton tec took me out on a night ride last night that included maurice from dirt rag, an editor from bike magazine and two editors from velonews. very kewl. also got to check out the switchback 1. nice.

got some new pink tifosi's from shannon over at the tifosi tent. nice to run into her again - she handles all my tifosi relations and is one of their reps.

and, ran into mr mark hendershot. he's got this kewl rider card and a super sweet paint job to match. santa cruz has been nice to him and has let them crash out in california for awhile. he'll be at the premiere tonight.

with that, gots to run. much more to post, including some great pics of the new products out there including some stupid light frames from stork. we're talking 850 gram 57cm frames. prototype 1000 gram 18 inch mountain frames (running 26 inch wheels) with stupid kewl carbon weaves to match the stupid light frame it is.

sologoat out


Rick said...

good luck at the otter!

Solo Goat said...

thanks - but i am out here for some r & r and some ernesto PR, so no racing.

racing for me starts next week.