cold day in ohio

yet again. short post, gotta sneak in a ride before heading north for some dinner with the family.

wobblenaught fit now complete, will be tweaked a little more before my next races - then that fit info will be carried over to asylum #2. no sense in having two bikes slightly off, better to get one perfect first, then carry that info over to the next bike.

pedal stroke is still getting dialed in, makes a HUGE difference in wattage and heart rate. but, easily said, it is not something that comes without practice.

sea otter is next week, looking forward to warmer weather though it is only supposed to be in the mid 50'ish the last time i looked. hell, at this point, 50'ish is a ton better then 20'ish.

with that, gotta roll. stay tuned for some pics from my wobblenaught fitting and some princeton tec switchback 2 and 3 photo's.

sologoat out


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter from MD! Wish you were here.

Jeff Kerkove said...

You heading out to Sea Otter????

Solo Goat said...

yep, i'll be at sea otter. i'm coming into san jose on thursday, doing a ride with the princeton tec guys that night.

i'll be free friday/saturday to ride.

sunday evening i head out.

Rick said...

i see you made it up to B-ville. I'll get down to your place this week to drop off the CDs of the pictures of cyclocross NATs this week. Good luck at "the otter".

Solo Goat said...

rick - i'm going to pick up a dvd burner and i will rip you a good copy of all the pics i got from out there in a week or two.

artistpavel said...

I have to pull my bike now, it's spring!