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Gripped Films Announces 24 Solo World Premiere

Arlington, VA, April 9, 2007 — Gripped Films is pleased to announce the World Premiere of their newest film, 24 Solo Friday, April 13th at 8pm. at the historic Golden State Theatre in downtown Monterey, CA .The Friday show will have cast and crew available for autographs and will be followed by additional screenings both Saturday and Sunday nights (7pm. & 9pm. each night). Tickets and pre-orders for the DVD (due out immediately after the premiere) are available at www.24-solo.com. While visiting the site be sure to watch the new trailer.

Presented by TREK Bicycles and VW, 24 Solo, follows 24 Hour Solo World Champion Chris Eatough on his quest to a 7th consecutive title. The film balances action and emotion with commentary from the biggest names in mountain biking including Gary Fisher, John Stamstad, Alison Dunlap, Ned Overend and others cut to a powerful soundtrack crafted by the award-winning Off Road to Athens composer Haik Naltchayan. From resounding victories in China and Wisconsin to his intense training that leads to the final race, viewers will have an unprecedented glimpse into the intense machine that is Eatough and his support crew. For the championship race 5 high def. cameras were rolling for 24 hours to capture what VeloNews called “The most epic race of 2006”. From the first lap Eatough and Australian Craig Gordon push each other into a state of life threatening exhaustion. Viewers hear each rider narrate the chain of events that ended with one racer hospitalized with severe blood poisoning.

More information, photos and production notes are posted on the movie website, www.24-solo.com

Film maker’s bios:
Jason Berry has produced multiple features for broadcast as well as 2 sports documentaries. His first feature-length production, Off Road to Athens, has won multiple awards and was nominated for Best Documentary in 6 international film festivals. Jason manages our Arlington editing studio when he’s not kayaking, cycling and surfing.

Managing Gripped Films and a successful exhibit production company, Ken Bell operates our Harrisonburg office. When not cycling and researching new gear, Ken splits time between running Trade Show Direct, Gripped Films and chasing after his 3 active sons. 24 Solo is his second film and he looks forward to new projects.

Contact info:
Jason Berry, Director

Ken Bell, Producer

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Charles said...

There is a showing as well in Macon, Ga., the night after the first stage of the Tour of Georgia. It should be a great movie!