off to sea some otters

more updates on the 24 solo premiere - the premiere party bash starts on friday at around 6pm, chris makes his red carpet appearance around 6:30'ish. chris, poz and i will be singning autographs and sipping martini's before the start of the film at 8pm.

hendershot is also in town for all the festivities, but i am not 100% sure if he's at the premiere.

finally getting my new stuff dialed in - most noteably, my new northwaves. pretty sweet carbon soles, new buckle system, adjustable velcro straps. very nice.

asylums are almost complete now, still waiting on those dt 190's. i could do dt 240's, but at this point, it would totally kill me to know that i could have a lighter wheelset.

ah, and jim b has now hooked a brother up with another wobblenaught fit. this time through, we concentrated on getting one bike really dialed in before we start working on the other bike. we are hoping for better fits for both bikes.

also, this gave me a little time to work with jim on some pedaling tricks to eek out some additional power.

a friend once told me that you can learn how to cast a fly rod in a few hours. but to master it, it takes years.

same could be said about pedaling a bike.

hoping to get some pics up on the blog from sea otter, but don't know how much time i'll get inbetween having fun and having fun. i'll post when i can.

with that, gotta run - good-bye thy damned cold rain!

sologoat out

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