post two from sea otter

the salsa mamasita. you can't have one yet, but i got to touch one today.

the salsa caserol - very nice do everything kind of bike. reminds me a lot of my old panasonic road frame.

mark hendershot is forced to work on his own bike to earn his keep. watch out for the syndicate and their super kewl new bikes this year.

they are sporting some awesome paint jobs. there are 40 frames out there this year with this paint job.

mark said they took about 4 hours each to paint the detail on and they look super sharp. also, watch out for his "rider card" put out by santa cruz - great photo.

upclose of the new ergon pack - the swivel on top keeps everything centered and off the back. very unique design that seems to make "light" of carrying heavy packs.

i should of been a comedian.

pic 2 of the ergon. watch out for this bad boy in ergon green.

justin is the rep for princeton tec back east - had the full line up to check out at sea otter. watch out for him and their lights coming to a race near you.

on a quest to find something stupid light, i can up with this. the newest stork carbon frame that utilizies some new technology to sqeeze out all the extra glue on the carbon frames when these bad boys are put together.

stupid light weight: 850 grams for the frame. oh my.

prototype of the stork mountain frame. they use some crazy kind of technology to get a super sweet weeve going on the frame. this frame was built beefy and came in around a very heavy 1300 grams.

the production version...

stupid light weight: 1000 grams. oh my. again.

issue with this frame: it is not running 29 inch wheels.

kish ti frames. nice line up, all custom, super clean welds, great paint.

nice, simple, clean looking ti. very impressive work.

the dirt jump area. super high winds sent one rider a flyin' to the hospital.

the down hill for the kids - there were tons of little ones bombing down this.

when i'm not riding enduro, i like to practice back flips. hells ya.

the new litespeed. more of a moots guy myself, but they got this top tube to increase stiffness and a flattened stay like the mamasita so that the rear end is a little more compliant.

that's it - gotta run. next post will probably be late tomorrow, early monday.

got some good pics from the solo 24 showing - stay tuned!

sologoat out

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