less then 12 for a 12

pre-rode the DSG course today with mr 24 himself - check out jeff's page for some pics

going to be hella fast tomorrow - tinker, nat, rob l, eddie o, sloane.... going to be nutz.

single speeds freaks should show up in masses tomorrow - pay out is good for all. turning out to be a cool venue overall - very impressive for a first year event.

course has a ton of ups and downs, nothing really sustained. rocks here and there, nothing really major.

rain may happen, i am hoping not - this is the type of mud that will turn slippy and into peanut butter thickness in no time.

lap times will probably run around an hour, guessing we will be running 13 laps - less if there is any mud.

that's it - gotta rest.... pics/results up tomorrow night.

sologoat out.

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