hendershot looking like a badass

meet santa cruz syndicate team member mark hendershot. he is fast. and he has some ink. and he was also at the premiere and starred in 24 solo.

overall, i thought the film did a great job of telling the story of the enduro scene, especially from the point of the supporting crew. a perspective i can say that i have never had.

overall, great time out there.

sorry for the lack of photo's from saturday - plan was to ride in the early AM then head down to the festival. as i made my way through the course, i was passing a freaking ton of people out for the mountain bike tours. there were people everywhere, including some younger riders.

half way through, it started to sprinkle.

three quarters through, the wind picked up to about 40mph and the temps dropped as the rain blew sideways. with no trees, the wind was nearing blowing me over. i felt bad for the masses of people out there as i passed them up, but i freezing.

got back to the car and i headed for a warm lunch and to pack up - left early sunday so there was no time to waste.

and when i got back, it was like interbike all over again - i checked out the internet to see what i missed.

some of the noteables:
1. 29er mavic crossmax wheels.. interesting..
2. yeti cross bike - very cool frame indeed - running a single tubed rear triangle
3. look's 986 mountain frame - running a long carbon seat tube

that's it - gotta run.

sologoat out

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