2008 asylums

08 asylum - 01
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are now nearing completion - less a few parts from the sponsors.

thanks to dan the man who has worked his magic once again - the bikes are looking pretty sharp, no doubt.

with the addtion of the I9's and the FOX fork, we have probably dropped a few more grams on last years build up. will the get the exact weights when i am out there to pick them up.

for now, gotta roll - need to do that work thing.

sologoat out


matt said...

Very nice, very green!

Jason said...

Look great. I LOVE that fork. I'll be anxious to read your feedback on it.

TSWimba said...

Nice, now the blue blur that was Ernesto passing on your left will be green. What color choice did you decide on for the I9s? Also, what B.B. are you using? Is than an Enduro Seals B.B.?

Solo Goat said...

haven't decided a color on wheels yet. was thinking either gold or orange spokes and probably a blue hub.

enduro seals - got a good eye as i didn't even catch that. yes, that's what they are - last year, i am pretty sure i ran xtr's.

Levelhead said...


TSWimba said...

Let us know how the Enduro Seal BB works out. I've been lusting their BB & headset bearings as well as the fork seals but, I have yet to pull the trigger. They also make a sweet ceramic pulley set for the derailleur but it's a tad out of my budget. It seems like the East Coast can kill bearings in a hurry, especially West Virginia. As far as the I9s why not do 1 set of each color, who says the 2 bikes have to match exactly?

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Anonymous said...

Yo goat, what fork is that? I am in the market for a new one myself.