damn thy snow

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not much to report on these days other then how much snow is hitting ohio right now - it's enough to make one nuts.

roads should be clear though tomorrow, so off on the ice covered roads on the salsa it will be.

and, the search for a heart rate monitor continues - not really sure what to run at this point... you got the garmins (sweet GPS, don't know if i would have a use for it), polar (reliable, but tons of features i woudn't use and the higher end wattage option sucks), or it seems like everybody and his brother is using powertaps (pricey).

the powertap i had a picture of was from speedgoat, it's not mine - wishful thinking as the cost of that puppy is crazy...

gotta run - i think my new craft winter gear will get tested out this weekend, unfortunately.

sologoat out


Matt Spak said...

I've been using the Garmin Forerunner 305 for over a year. It's works amazing with almost to much info. Cadence sensor can be added.

Solo Goat said...

that's the unit i am actually considering - seems like a good unit to use on both the road/mtn bike.

how's the battery life?

Andrew Brautigam said...

10 hours (give or take) battery life on the garmin-some guys have done mods on battery packs so they get longer life. I love mine.

Matt Spak said...

The battery time is the only complaint. Around 9-10 hours depending on tempeture. Now recharge time is quick, less than 3 hours.

Rick said...

I had a Garmin 305...had trouble with it when racing 'cross...the new 705 can be hooked up to the quest (or something) crank based power, but is expensive also. My Polar S725X has been great and the power sensor was pretty good....not as nice as the powertap, etc, but more reasonable price wise and it didn't suck....
I'm installing it on my Cervelo R3....

Paul Bell said...

I bought a 305 last year as well. I really like. I am a Newbie into MTB racing. I used it for the Hot August Nights 24 hour race solo.
Battery life is about 10 hours. To extend battery life you can get these little back-up power supplies that take 4 AA batteries or Slightly smaller with more power and lithium batteries. Simply do a lap with this unit plugged in and you are charged up again.
I have this one and the R12. Great for charging phones and MP3 players as well.

Hope this helps,
Cheer, Paul Bell

Paul Bell said...

Here is a link the back-up power supply with US links.
Cheers, Paul