i hate winter in ohio...

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but will love the texas weather...

first up for the season - mas o menos.

good luck to my brothern' out at the pueblo and down in florida - rock out enduro freaks.

will post if i can, not sure of cell phone coverage and/or computer access..

sologoat out


Chris said...

Until this week, we here in Idaho have been jealous of our brethren in Ohio. We've actually had about four days of good riding weather.

I know your usual rides are in the neighborhood of at least 4 hours. How long do you tolerate the rollers when the weather outside is intolerable?

I can only stand about 2 hours.

Anonymous said...

Ohio's not bad. It actually hit 14 degrees today!!

Almost Pro said...

Yeah but if it was warm all year long when would we have time to get slow and fat?


Solo Goat said...

been breaking up my roller rides - i can do about 2 hours, then i take a break for awhile and then i put in a double roller ride. sucks... i haven't had to do too many this year..