group ride

020308 group ride 2
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was on the agenda for today. don't get too many chances to hit up a group ride during the year. this was probably the first big group i've ridden with in a couple of years and it was a nice change to the solo 4+ hour rides i've been getting in.

fitness is finally catching up with me, so that's always a good motivator when the weather is still kind of cruddy - but, hell, any day is a good day when you don't have to use heater packs to get through a ride.

gotta roll - bike work to catch up on

sologoat out


Anonymous said...

Was that photo taken next to the pisser on the towpath trail at Bolanz Rd (I think thats the name of it). If so, I've crossed there hundreds of times. Flat as hell but good for getting the miles in!

Solo Goat said...

you got it.

wasn't too flat that day - rollers all day as we did the old classic brecksville loop.


Fitness... what's that? :-)

Working on mine too. I love the feeling as your body (especially the legs) gets stronger and more fit.