mas o menos - full update

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race started on saturday with chances of rain in the forcast - it tried to rain, but it never did.

start was hectic, 20mph+ down a dusty road - i make the first group, but the single track starts weeding out people immediately.

i ride my own pace, hoping to make up places on the big climb about 22 miles into the 22 mile loop. at the top of the climb, i am catching riders, and making up spots i lost in the flatter sections.

i bomb the downhill, take a bad line passing a rider in the 30k race and i end up flatting - the first time.

i pit, get an extra tube and C02 and go on my way, this time i am pushing it a litle more in the first half - and i start catching ridrers. i meet up with yuri before the climb, which was kind of odd as i caught up to him on the same sections on the first lap.

i rip up the climb, i am now one spot behind where i was when i flatted the first time. i can see a rider up ahead of me and i up my speed in hopes of making up at least one more spot.

i catch him right before the downhill. i stay behind him, and as we approached the section where i flatted the first time, i flatted again.

i fix it - no riders pass me.

i ride - about 1.5 miles away from the finish, i flat again. yuri and a few others get by me. not my day by a longshot.

other pics up on flick - sologoat out


Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

Great job guys.

Anonymous said...

Yo goat, nice job! Who's the cat from Akron that placed in the top 10? I didn't know we had another local enduro freak. Never heard of him.

Solo Goat said...

it's shawn adams - check out my links, he's got a blog up.

he actually came out with me - he does a lot of the 100's. finished top 5 in the series last year.