mas o menos update

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short update, shawn missed a flight, but still got here somehow. 300 miles south of el paso, we end up in a town that is dead silent at night. it's a sort of place things slow down and nothing really seems to matter - cheap therepy.

course is flowy, until that last climb. it's a monster.

pre-rode with a huge group, including nat. looking like the field and conditions are shaping up to be a fast race.

gots to run - check out more picks on flickr.

sologoat out


Cellarrat said...

Good luck That race is a blast!

SquidBuzz said...

Is that your famous mechanic with you?

Good luck.

SquidBuzz said...

Did you guys get rained/snowed on?

Solo Goat said...

no mechanic - just my dad.

rain hit for about 30 seconds, very light. other then that, it was really windy.