08 speedgoat kit

the 08 speedgoat kit got a tryout today (same basic setup as the "ernesto" green kit, but mine will have the sponsor logo's all over) as i got in some good miles as a heat wave around 50 degrees hit ohio. felt great to get out with the heavy winter gear on - any day you don't have to wear lobster gloves in ohio is just awesome.

if your not in the lumberjack 100 yet, only about 50 spots left - great course - 25 mile loop, 4 times the fun. as i told shawn last year, the half way point is the 75 mile mark as the heat sets in and you start noticing you just sucked in a lot of dust and you have another 1.5 hours of hard tempo to go. great course, great beer after the race. don't miss it.

that's it - sleep, eat, ride, work. repeat. more riding is always better..

sologoat out

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Steve Kinley said...

Orange and black must be the new combination now. I'm seeing more of it including our new kits from Sobe Cannondale.

The Lumberjack sold out a few days ago. From their website:

Posted 3-11-08--- 250 REGISTERED AS OF TODAY. I am sorry but registration has closed!

If you would like to be added to the waiting list (about 20 deep right now) or to transfer your entry to another racer ($25 fee) please email me at amtnbiker@chartermi.net

New: With the demand for space a premium this year we will not allow camping in the Big M parking lot. Last year EZ-UP tents became very popular, I imagine this year even more people will bring them to the race. We only have room for maybe 15 10x10 EZ-UP's, space available on a first come first served basis. In 2009 we may need to go to a reservation policy or ban them. Bottom line is, we don't have enough space for them, so leave it home if you can live without it.